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From an early age, I was taught to believe in myself, trust in my judgement, and listen to my heart.  
I graduated with an engineering degree from the University of Colorado, and was fortunate to get hired by Coors Brewery in their newly formed Packaging R&D group.  Our job was to improve the performance of the packaging lines and reduce the cost of the containers. 
During this time, Coors expanded across the US and launched several new products.  I led several new product teams in these efforts.
After leaving Coors, I started my own business and launched a new product in the packaging industry where I learned even more about sales, confidence, and achieving your goals. 


I’ve been a research manager, entrepreneur, and solopreneur.  I am highly trained in leadership, accountability, project management,  sales, lateral thinking (creativity), and what I call Success Aikido. 
Success Aikido is developing the mindset to take whatever is happening around you and turning it to your advantage to further your mission.  
A few days after turning 50, I suffered a severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) while bicycling after work. I was struck head-on by a SUV, was in a coma for 10 days, and nearly died.
As I began to recover, and my brain slowly came back online and I could once again think and rationalize (a few years), I committed to using my skills, attitudes, and mindset to fully recover. 
My complete and full recovery is testimony to the efficacy and validity of this material.  
I've now been inspired to share these techniques and mindset with you.  Everywhere I go I hear people complaining -  saying "I can't", putting themselves down, thinking small and negatively. It became obvious to me that most people don't realize or use their personal creative power.  We all have this power, but few use it to improve their situation. 
I love sharing these attitudes and powerful mindset with you, so that you too, can create a great life for yourself.  
I know from personal experience that life is much more than how much money you make.  While this is important, it's just a piece of the equation.  You also need confidence, a great overall attitude, and positive mindset. 
Along with a positive mindset,  understanding  your creative power, living from a place of love, practicing  gratitude, and enjoying  your current adventure makes life grand!
With these key ingredients, you too, can create a Great Life for yourself. 


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What Others Say

Suzanne L


"When I first met Glenn during the early phase of his outpatient recovery at Craig Hospital, I thought he was in denial regarding the severity of his injury and the resultant lifestyle changes. 

As I came to know him better I realized that he was not going to be defined by his injury or the projected limitations of others.  He maintained a focus on positivity and a sense of humor that ultimately were primary factors in his recovery. "

Mary P


 "Friends for over 30 years, I first met Glenn and his wife, Brenda, on a newly formed coed softball team.

 Glenn is a walking miracle after surviving a bicycle accident where he suffered a severe and life-threatening traumatic brain injury.  Glenn made an amazing and full recovery due to his power of positive thinking, forward-looking vision, hard work, sense of humor and commitment to success."

Geno B


"Glenn is a very special best friend.  When he suffered his TBI I wept because there was concern that we were going to lose him.

But, with help from the Good Lord, his wife Brenda and his own special True Grit he recovered and is here to help all of us.  His message of focusing on your dreams, learning from your mishaps and never giving up, is a life lesson applicable to all of us. 

He is a great teacher and motivator who speaks from experience!

I am certainly blessed to know him."

Jason H

"I first met Glenn in 2016 at one of my first Toastmasters meetings and I noticed right away, he had confidence and took charge when it came to communicating.

As I really got to know Glenn, he told me about an accident he had years ago on his bicycle and that it was a severe injury to his brain. I would have never known he had any such accident unless he told me.

It's a miracle he got through that and had the positive mindset to accomplish such a feat. Not too many could overcome that. He learned a lot from that accident and even taught me a lot from it.

I'm fortunate to be friends with Glenn to this day."

Sheila R

"I met Glenn while participating in a local Toastmasters group.  Glenn and I did our first TEDx talk at the same event!   What an experience and what an impression Glenn made on me.

Here stands a guy who beat all the odds.  Glenn is articulate, inquisitive, intriguing and engaging.

You'd never know how hard he was hit.  There is a Rocky Balboa video I was shown recently.  "It ain't about how hard you hit, it's about how you can be hit and keep moving forward."


To Claim Your Power, Feel Better and Have More Fun!!


I'm sharing this information with you as it helped me fully recover from my TBI, and create my Great Life. I'm doing my part to help you become awesome, and create a better and more loving planet. We'd love to have you join us, but as with everything, the choice is ultimately yours.