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Tired of being put down?


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If so, let me be your guide to help you claim your personal power, know your worthiness, and create a Great Life for yourself.


I know what I'm talking about - I beat the astronomical odds and fully recovered from a severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).   I did this with the help of my wife and my positive and unwavering warrior mindset.



If you're ready to become

  • more powerful

  • more loving

  • more deserving

  • and create a great life for yourself - read on.


Glenn Bott's Great Life Academy is specifically designed to help YOU create your Great Life.  


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Glenn Bott's Great Life Academy Overview

I am Ready to Invest in ME


 Glenn Bott, a vibrant and enthusiastic “lover of life”, had his life forever changed when he was struck head-on by an SUV while bicycling after work. 
This collision resulted Glenn suffering a severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  Due to the severity and location of his TBI, his wife was warned that life as they knew it was likely over.
Glenn now shares the skills and mindset he used to go far beyond  the doctors prognosis and fully recover.  These same skills/mindset can help you create a great life for yourself.
Anything is possible!
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"Hi Glenn,

 Thank you for your time, energy, and efforts in making the TEDx Grand Junction event such a success.  You should be feeling pretty good about your presentation as it was one of the most talked about at the event."


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A daily inspirational message is emailed directly to you to assist in helping you develop and maintain your new mindset.

Always intend to be successful in your activities.  Focus upon the desired result and execute to the best of your capabilities.  Learn from any mishaps and repeat until you achieve your goal.
No matter your mission/vision, keep it active in your consciousness throughout the day.  Make this part of your story, and repeat it to yourself periodically.  Use recent experiences to help you maintain this focus.
What are you waiting for?  No one is going to give you what is already rightfully yours.  It’s up to you to realize this and claim it.  Then, create a great life for yourself and spread the love.



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